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Name:Numb3rs Awards
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Welcome to Numb3rs Awards, the first ever fandom awards for Numb3rs! This is an annual fandom awards community that will celebrate the CBS series Numb3rs, which premiered in the U.S. on January 23, 2005, by honoring your favorite Numb3rs Fan Fiction, Graphics, Music Videos and Websites from the past year.

Created by Midnighta

Round Five voting is now closed.

Winners will be announced on April 30.


Nominations Period: January 23, 2010 through March 5, 2010

Reading Period: March 6, 2010 through March 26, 2010

Voting Period: March 27, 2010 through April 16, 2010

Winners to be Announced: April 30, 2010



1. Only Fan Fiction, Graphics and Music Videos written (completed, in the case of a chaptered WIP) or created during the fifth year of Numb3rs (January 23, 2009 - January 22, 2010) are eligible for nomination this round. Websites, etc. must have been up and running prior to the start of the awards to be eligible.

2. You may not nominate yourself.

3. You do not have to accept your nomination. You may decline to participate in the awards in whole or in part. If you choose not to participate in the awards, merely reply to your Nomination notification or contact any member of the Numb3rs Awards Committee.

(A further note on declining individual nominations. In the spirit of the awards, Numb3rs fandom is responsible for both nominations and the subsequent voting. This means that an Author/Artist/Vidder does not have the right to pick and choose which nominations go ahead to a vote if they receive more than two nominations in any individual category. Nominations will go forward to the vote on a first come, first served basis. In an effort to avoid such a situation – jiggling of the nominations – a nomination must be declined within three days of the date on the Nomination notification e-mail.)

4. There must be at least three (3) nominations per category for a category to be voted on. If there are not at least three (3) nominations, the category will be merged with another where possible. If it is not possible (for example, angst/dark will not be merged with humor/fluff), then the category will be removed from voting and where possible the fic moved to another category.

5. An Author/Artist/Vidder may only be nominated twice per category. (Please note that a writing team will be considered a separate entity than an individual Author/Artist/Vidder.)

6. A single piece of Fan Fiction may only be nominated in up to three (3) categories. A single Graphic or Music Video may only be nominated in one (1) category. Outstanding Author is the only category that doesn’t count towards this maximum.

7. An Author/Artist/Vidder must have at least two pieces nominated to be eligible for the Outstanding Author/Artist/Vidder category. (Please note that the Outstanding Author/Artist/Vidder category is separate from and does not count towards the three categories a fic, and one category a graphic/vid, may be nominated for.)

8. To be eligible for the Series category, there must be at least three fic in the series. Also, a Series is the only exception to the ‘must be written in the last year’ rule. So long as a new story in the series has been written within the last year, the series as a whole will be eligible for the Series category only, UNLESS it won in the Series category last round. The new story, however, qualifies for any other category just as a new standalone story would. (See Rule 9.)

8a. Please note that a series of drabbles must be nominated in the Drabble Series category. To be eligible for the Drabble Series category, there must be at least three drabbles in the series. So long as a new drabble in the series has been written within the last year, the drabble series as a whole will be eligible for the Drabble Series category only, UNLESS it won in the Drabble Series category last round. The new drabble, however, qualifies for the Drabble category.

9. An individual fic from a series may be nominated separate from the series, however it must be nominated in the same format (Gen, Het or Slash) as the overall series. (For example, a fic from a slash series must be nominated under Slash even if that individual fic is rated G and would normally be considered Gen if it were a standalone piece.) If the series contains elements of both het and slash, pick the format you think it best fits based upon which pairing is the main focus of the fic. (Please note that the Series category counts towards the total of three categories a fic may be nominated in, so if you nominate a series of fic in the Series category, the individual fic may then only be nominated separately in two additional categories.)

10. Only one fic per original character may be nominated in the Original Character category. Also, only one original character per fic may be nominated in the Original Character category.

~NEW~10a. A Drabble Series may be nominated in the Original Character category.

~NEW~10b. A series should not be nominated in this category; please choose one fic from the series to nominate.

11. Some threesome/moresomes may include both elements of het and slash; nominate the fic where you feel it best belongs based on your overall feel from the fic. You may not nominate the same fic under both Het and Slash.

12. A website/community/forum/group that won the previous year may not be nominated the next two rounds. Additionally, to be eligible, the website/community/forum/group must be primarily focused on Numb3rs, or Numb3rs-related, such as r_morrow_daily or Dylan Bruno Online. Multi-fandom comms that merely include Numb3rs as one of many fandoms/interests, such as rounds_of_kink, are not eligible.

13. If an Author/Artist/Vidder has already been nominated the allotted number of times per category or per Fan Fiction/Graphic/Music Video, no additional nominations will be accepted. Please check the updated list of Nominees before you nominate.

14. WIPs are not allowed. All Fan Fiction must be complete. (And while that should not be an issue for Graphics and Music Videos, I’ll say it anyway just so there’s no confusion: must be complete.)

15. Real Person Fan Fiction, Graphics or Music Videos are not allowed.

16. All nominations must be archived someplace where everyone can view them. Nominations with links to sites requiring a password, f-locked LJs, forums, message boards or Yahoo groups may not be accepted.

17. In addition, all links must be direct so we don’t have to search for the nominated piece.

~Fan Fiction - link directly to the fic.
~Graphics - link directly to the graphic. (If you need someplace to host a graphic you’d like to nominate, Numb3rs Awards has an account at Photobucket, Username: numb3rsawards; Password: eppesbros [case-sensitive]. Please use the Round Five folder.)
~Music Videos - link to the page that lists the music videos rather than the download link.

Please make sure that the link you provide us is good throughout the awards and keep us informed if the link changes. If the link you give us does not work, we will not track down another link. Your nomination may be deleted. (This is especially important for Music Videos on youtube, as it is our understanding that youtube has been deleting music vids due to copyright issues.)

18. Any Graphic or Music Video you nominate must be shareable so we don’t offend the creator. If they made a purely personal piece, please do not nominate it here.

19. If you don’t comply with the rules, or if you submit an incomplete nomination form, your nomination may be deleted without warning.

20. If a Fan Fiction/Graphic/Music Video doesn’t fit the category it was nominated in (an angst fic nominated in humor, for example), we may, at our discretion, either move it to the more suitable category or delete it.

21. Please do not use the edit function to make changes and/or corrections to your nomination. On the occasions when we’ve already updated the list with your nomination, it may be difficult for us to determine what changes and/or correction you’ve made. If you need to make a change and/or correction to your nomination (fix an url or typo, fill in a blank, etc.), please do so in a separate comment so we can make sure we see it.


22. You may only vote once per category.

23. You are not required to vote in every genre/format (Gen Fic, Het Fic, Slash Fic, Graphics, Music Videos, Website).

24. You are not required to vote in every category.

25. You may vote for yourself.

26. Three-way and more-way ties will be subject to a 48 hour run-off vote.


27. We reserve the right to make the final decisions on all disputes.

For additional information, please check out the FAQ.

Please note that these Rules and the FAQ will be updated as necessary; the Rules were last updated 1/26/10.


Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction will be broken up into Gen/Het/Slash, and will be further divided into the following categories, where applicable:

-AU/AR: Fic that differ dramatically from canon, or that diverge significantly from canon. For example, fic in which Don stuck with baseball instead of joining the FBI, or Charlie went into covert ops instead of becoming a genius math professor, or the team fights demons instead of criminals.
-Angst/Dark: Fic that deal with angsty, dark, depressing, upsetting or tragic subject matter.
-Before & After: Fic that take place in their entirety either pre-series or post-series. Fic that take place currently and merely contain flashbacks do not qualify for this category.
-Case-related: An FBI case is the main emphasis of the fic.
-Crack: Fic that fall quite far outside the norm. Aliens-made-them-do-it, genderswapping or mpreg, for example.
-Crossover: Fic that crossover with another fandom. There must be recognizable characters from the crossover show to qualify for this category.
-Drabble: A fic of 100-300 words. Please note that this is the only category a Drabble may be nominated in.
-Drabble Series: A series of 3 or more Drabbles as defined above. Please note that this is the only category a Drabble Series may be nominated in, unless you are nominating an original character from the series, in which case it may also be nominated in the Original Character category.
-Drama: Fic that are filled with action, conflict, emotion or other exciting qualities.
-Episode Related: Fic that contain a missing scene, are an episode rewrite, are an episode tag, or are in some other way closely related to a particular episode.
-Humor/Fluff: Fic that are humorous or have a happy, light subject matter.
-Hurt/Comfort: Fic that contain elements of hurt (whether psychological or physical) and comfort.
-Kink: Fic that contain a kink, such as public sex, cuffs or cross-dressing.
-Novella: A longer fic of at least 20,000 words.
-Original Character: Fic that contain an especially interesting, devious, likable, or otherwise memorable original character. Please note that only one fic per original character may be nominated. Also, only one original character per fic may be nominated.
-Outstanding Author: An Author you believe has produced high quality fan fiction. Please note that the Author must have at least two pieces nominated to be eligible for this category.
-PWP: This stands for “porn without plot.” These fic are normally shorter, one-shot fic and should be rated NC17 or Adult.
-Romance: Elements of romance are the main emphasis of the fic.
-Series: A series of at least three related standalone fic. Please note that 1) a chaptered story is not a series of fic and 2) a series of Drabbles may only be nominated under the Drabble Series category.
-Shortie: A fic of 301-1000 words.
-Threesome/Moresomes: Fic that contain “couplings” of more than two people.


Banners/LJ Header (character, pairing, family, fbi/calsci as needed)
Icons (character [sub-cat*: don, charlie, regular, recurring/guest], pairing [sub-cat: het, slash, threesome], family, fbi/calsci [sub-cat: fbi, calsci, mixed], text/art/graphic, and animated)
Wallpapers (character, pairing, family, fbi/calsci as needed)
Other (eg, Calendars, Colorbars, Comics, Sketches, Photo Manips, etc)
Outstanding Artist: An Artist you believe has produced high quality graphics. Please note that the Artist must have at least two pieces nominated to be eligible for this category.

*Additional sub-categories may be created as needed.

Music Videos

Character-centric (break out characters as needed)
Pairing-centric (break out pairings as needed)
General Series
Outstanding Vidder: A Vidder you believe has produced high quality vids. Please note that the Vidder must have at least two pieces nominated to be eligible for this category.


All Websites, Communities, Forums, and Groups, including those for Challenges, Discussion, Episode Information, Fanfic, etc, are eligible, so long as they did not win in this category in the past two years and they were up and running as of January 22, 2010.

Nominating Links:

Gen Fanfic
Het Fanfic
Slash (f/f & m/m) Fanfic
Music Videos

Previous Nominees and Winners
may be found here.

Please note that this is a closed community and only the mod may post. If you’d like to receive our announcements on your f-list, please friend us.

Your mod is spikedluv. In addition to myself, the Numb3rs Awards Committee for 2009 is admiralandrea, nicelyobsessed, elysium1996, mercilynn and munchkinofdoom, so many thanks to them for their assistance.

The current community banner and icon were created by nicelyobsessed. The 'Nominated at...' icons and buttons were created by nicelyobsessed, irena_adler, midnighta, munchkinofdoom, mustangcandi and truly_tazi. (The previous community banner and icon were created by sori1773.)

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